Tuesday, October 11, 2005


OK, take a look at this shit. Firstly, these damn SUVs should not be on the road at all. They are way too big and prevent me from seeing around them and driving safely. I have to rely on these morons to stop in time, etc. and these brutish pricks are the last people on earth I want to trust with my life.

Secondly, people who drive SUVs are selfish and self-obsessed. Please note, the idiot in the picture is standing proudly in front of her vehicle which is PARKED OVER THE PARKING SPACE LINE and invading the (more)normal sized car's space next to her! This is wrong and selfish: the person who owns the car next to the SUV is now forced to enter through the passenger's side door (provided another SUV doesn't park on that side as well), and maneuver carefully to avoid backing into the great monster next door. This has happened to me before while in possesion of several packages and it is beyond annoying. But, again, the driver is clueless to anyone but herself, conversely, she is cheerful to be pictured with her gas-guzzling beast-fuck everyone else!

Finally, have you noticed that many staunch SUV supporters (Jeb Bush, many other Republican, right-wingers and auto industry pushers) are now ditching their SUVs in droves, in favor of more modest cars? Funny how even the slightest suggestion that these things were gas-guzzlers and pollution producers a few years ago drew sneers and abuse from these SAME people! Now, they see the light because gas prices are making an impact on their wallets. But, do you think any of them have admitted they were wrong and that maybe the environment and gas availabilty go hand in hand? Sure. And Tom Cruise is not a brainwashed psycho.___________

Now, even MORE annoying than SUVs are SUVs DRIVING IN THE LEFT LANE!!! This activity is ignorant, controlling, and anti-social. And it's not just SUVs, it spans all vehicles, ages, personality profiles, and it just shouldn't be happening! Read this:

DENVER (AP) - Colorado is serious about its no-dawdling law in left lanes. Drivers who insist on staying in the passing lane are risking tickets as the State Patrol has begun enforcing a law requiring motorists to use the left lane for passing only.
Since the patrol started enforcing the "Left Lane Law" three months ago, troopers have written about 460 tickets or about an average of five a day to drivers who dawdle in the left lane.
The law applies in zones with speed limits of 65 mph or higher. It took effect July 1, but troopers gave drivers until January to get used to the new law; warnings were issued instead of tickets.
Master Trooper Ron Watkins said that since the ticketing campaign began three months ago about 90 percent of the drivers he has pulled over for dawdling or cruising in the left lane said they didn't know that it was illegal to do so.
Violators of the left lane rule may be fined up to $41 and have three points tacked onto their driver's licenses. The law is not enforced when the highway is too congested to allow drivers to pass.

This enforcement is so totally right and needs to be enforced in ALL states!! As driving an SUV, lane hogging is just, plain, selfishness and disregards other drivers. Millions of wrongs are caused with left-lane pigs. For starters, they massively slow traffic, especially at rush hour. These drivers form a car barricade across every lane and prevent those who wish to drive as if they are not 70 years old from going around those in the right lanes (where they belong) who do. Thus, every single car behind the barricade line is forced to creep along.

There is also an element of control, in terms of being able to dictate how fast traffic is allowed to move. Apparently, some drivers feel it is their personal duty to keep everyone going at or below the speed limit by driving slow in front of everyone instead of getting in their proper right lane. These people need to cultivate some interests (become a fucking crossing guard) outside of other drivers and get the hell into the RIGHT LANE.

I can't tell you the rage it causes when I am trying to get somewhere in a hurry and am forced to pass a driver on the right or, even worse, trapped doing 60 mph in a 70 zone. Being forced to pass on the right is unsafe and completely preventable if people would just wake up!

The article above states that most people pulled over in CO for slow, left lane driving were CLUELESS that it was illegal!!! What were these people doing while being taught the rules of the road?? Even if they don't remember being taught this, isn't it COMMON SENSE not to block traffic??? The left lane is the PASSING lane, as in Driver's Ed!!! Like a gas station bathroom: get in and get OUT or don't go at all!!!


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