Tuesday, October 11, 2005


OK, boys and girls, remember this? Yeah, I had to think back to my freshman year of college (ya, old, whatever) Computers 101 class to remember the last time I used MS-DOS. That is, until, I got to my new job 5 months ago. Yep, the company I work for STILL uses this outdated, outmoded, dysfunctional computer system for all company files. (Note: the image above is generic & not from my job. I'm not that stupid!)

The reason I mention this OS is because there is a direct corollary between my prodigious posting today and MS-DOS. That is to say, the rickety, old, work system is down, yet again, and has been all day long. The result is that I am stalled in my work and can do absolutely nothing, causing everything to get backed up and delayed. Funnily enough, I actually have some things to do today which will take up more of my time than the average (everyone who knows me knows what that is).

Now, if this was the only time in 5 months that this system was down, I wouldn't mention it. The fact is that it is down AT LEAST once a week-bare minimum! What makes today different, is that the sytem is usually back up within an hour, and we are now about to enter into the 4th hour with no paged (my company of about 40 employees are not "comfortable" with emailed messages) end in sight. So, I just ask, WHY, why do we persist on with this system last updated (per info. on startup) in 1987? Are they giving the CEOs some sort of kickback? I can't believe this to be true because the software company would be out of business if they had to pay that high of a price to bring us shitty service. Ohhh, is the software company part of the Mafia then, with an agenda aimed at keeping us stuck in the 1980's when their business was booming with all the coke trade? No? Then WTF is it, because I simply won't believe that the powers in charge of this sort of thing are just not progressive and are uninterested in bring company technology into, well, the 90's?! Right? Right?


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