Friday, December 16, 2005


This week, I give you a triple dose of breadsticks, courtesy of (click title above or sidebar link.) If you are bored at work, this site will kill time with cuteness. The only negative is that I usually end up refreshing the page for a draw because I can't properly judge degrees of adorableness. Also, I think older cats may get the shaft, (although many of them are winners, in my opinion.) So, here are 3 cat photos that went above and beyond the call of breadsticks which I culled from many hours at work spent in the battle that is Kittenwar!

I dare you to oppose these opposable thumbs!!

My favorite of the 3, this Sylvester knows what it's all about! He is stretching those beautiful, snow-white sticks so they will be in top shape for catching birdies!

A rarely seen close up of back sticks. This baby can go hopping with the size of those feet!


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