Monday, January 02, 2006


This picture is the official year-end breadsticks of the week, courtesy of my tiny little friend, Dandelion. I had the opportunity of spending much time with her during my X-mas week vacation trip to Denver visiting friends.
Dandy is 1 year old, but still a tiny slip of a stick. She is super alert and active, yet dainty and sweet. She's short haired, but, charmingly enough, has the most exquisite bloomers and puffy tail.
In this photo, she is perched ever so cutely on the couch in a perfect breadstick-capturing pose. She's so cute, I want to eat her up, little pinky nose and all!

This is the ever-classic 1 breadstick stuck out pose.

Here, we have the Puss-In-Boots Shrek character doing what she does best, stickcersises. One stick over head, one stick reaching out, and hold. (What did you think she was doing?!)

And here is another example of her candy sweetness. I noticed that this cat frequently used her front breadsticks to hold down her puffy tail. (You can see this in the previous pic as well.) Finally, our little lion uses all four breadsticks to hold down her puffy tail while sticking her tongue out at us because we'll never, come what may, be as fucking adorable as her!%


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