Friday, January 06, 2006


FIRST STICKS OF 2006! Here is Munch, posing for Breadsticks of the Week. She shows us 2 front sticks, as well as part of a 3rd beige back stick. You may not realize it, but Munch was a very difficult subject to capture. As plainly shown, she has excessive girth which serves to hide at least half of her breadsticks, making them appear stumpy, or, to use my mother's phrase, "like toothpicks holding up an apple." Munch is also not a freewheeling cat, preferring to lounge and eat, so she doesn't just fling around her breadsticks at will. She prefers, instead, to keep them warm under her ample body.

Munch funfacts:
1. She cured me of my allergy to cats, opening up to me a new and endlessly fascinating world for which I am forever grateful.
2. She loves to go outside and slink around the perimeter of the house and, once or twice, attempted to run up a tree. I was not supposed to mention the tree thing because when her climbing attempt failed, she glowered at the tree as though it had attempted to climb her and not the other way around.
3. She LOVES, and I mean LOVES, her cat food and very little else. Treats, ehh, take 'em or leave 'em, mostly leave 'em. Tuna, sometimes, but lately, not so much. It's cat food and lots of it for Munchie.
4. Her main use for humans is as dough repositories. By which I mean that she will jump out of nowhere, directly onto your stomach (oh, the single-minded, direct hit of pain) and commence making the world's largest and longest pizza. If left to her own devices, this will be done over and over throughout the day, accompanied by loud purring, until she falls asleep. Once asleep, heaven help you if you make a move because you will get the look of hate and she will scurry away in disgust.
5. She is the roundest and most compact cat ever made. Her body is so tiny that it is almost twice as small as my Angeloo, yet she weighs 3 or 4 pounds more. It is a feat of nature, a cat in a sausage casing.
6. She made up the smart and thrilling pasttime seen below:
Just put down a roll of paper towel (can't be toilet paper) and she goes to work like a busy beaver, shredding away. She is purposeful in this great task and puts all her heart, soul, and energy into it. Munch will not rest until the roll is shredded to ribbons. This is an expensive game for humans to subsidize, but it is well worth it to see Munch display her uniquely thrilling talent!
7. If you are lucky and have been nice to her, she will grow you 1, yes one, white whisker.
8. She has a broken fang. Love the broken fang.
9. She's the girl I know and love.


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