Friday, January 27, 2006


Have a martini or 2 before viewing this pic. to get your heart rate down because it is very exciting! Here we have Sierra (aka "Sweets") chilling out on the tile. She has a bit of a crocodile pose with chubby frontsticks and flipper-like backsticks and she is a huggable 23 pounds! Her mother, Shana, says that Sierra enjoys showing off her sticks, "especially after a haircut."

I am assuming, in the photo above, that Sierra has just had that aforementioned haircut and that this pose is not a daily occurrence, because how could you get anything done with your cat lazing around looking so damn cute all day??!!! I mean, for God's sake, if either of my cats flopped around with their backsticks thrown way out to the side like that, I would never be able to leave the house! Instead, I would become homebound (like the ladies of "Grey Gardens", above) and follow them around with a camera while talking to them in a high, insane voice, gritting my teeth, and telling them how rare and brilliant they are!


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