Friday, February 17, 2006


After viewing the Olympic games, this week's cat found himself becoming a huge fan of skiing: He liked it so much in fact, that he decided he would give it a go. Being a reasonable and logical cat, he decided to do a little practicing at home before hitting the slopes. He worked on staying upright, turns, and shifting from side to side. When he felt he had mastered these basics, he decided to practice stopping, like the skier above: (source) (didn't realize pic was so small!)
After all his training, our cat was intent on getting out there and trying the real thing. Unfortunately, it took him exactly 10 seconds to realize that the cold temperatures were not for him. He was freezing! Priding himself on his resourcefulness, Mr. Breadsticks of the Week decided that all he needed were some super warm ski boots, and, voila! (source)
I guess he's warm and toasty now, because he recently sent me a postcard from Aspen reading, "Skiing with the jet-setters and loving every minute!" Schush, schush!

(Don't say anything, but I think he's taken up with a snow bunny:)


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