Friday, March 03, 2006

My favorite newsboy!

Poor David Gregory. He acts his giggly, goofy and flirty self and gets accused of being a drunk! (click here) Don't they all know this is his natural, bubbly personality?
I just can't get enough David. He's like a cuddly monchichi with great clothes. Plus, he told off the Bush press secretary and sounded so adorable in the process!
He's so giddy that, when subbing for Matt Lauer on the Today show, he and Katie titter and gossip like schoolgirls. Then we get to watch as Katie pulls her "straight" face and tries to come off as all business as she avoids making eye contact with DG so as not to explode into uncontrollable laughter.
Those lucky days when I switch on Today and see him, first thing in the morning, smiling back at me, I don't need a weather report- I know my day will be sunny!


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