Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday annoyance: shut up!

For me, there is nothing more irritating than people violating my personal space. I think it's so fucking rude and I try hard not to do it to others. Which is why I don't understand why some people do it quite frequently.

There are many ways to infringe upon the space of others. I have already mentioned people who drive slow in the fast lane, thus blocking others from driving. Another way (one that is currently happening about 2 feet away from me) is when people stand outside your door/cube and talk. Can you imagine doing this to someone? When this happens, anything I may be doing will, necessarily, be distracted by the loud babbling going on (pretty much) right in my face. Isn't it common sense that you do not have conversations not related to a person when that person is in close proximity? Right?

To make matters worse, invariably, these loud, hallway talkers enjoy having their rude conversations smack, dab in the center of said hallways. They do not take their routines to the right or left side of the hall (be it work, grocery store, school, etc.) Oh, no, they prefer you to squeeze by, no matter how tight the space. If that doesn't work, you will be forced to say, "excuse me!" (excuse you) because, 9 times out of 10, they haven't noticed your big head right in their faces until you actually say something! Why would they notice little, old you when they, themselves are so endlessly fascinating?

This reminds me of my last night (and last weekend) rudeness at home. I have new next door neighbors (man, woman, child-screaming, baby child) who speak at the top of their lungs in the hallway. Their talking is clearly audible in my apartment, and even woke up my cats on several occasions, causing them to stalk the door (they were even annoyed!) I don't want to hear this shit when I'm trying to read, or write, or do anything that requires concentration.

Furthermore, I know their loud shouts are not meant for me or my other neighbors to answer because they are speaking in Hindi. So, why is it necessary to stand outside an apartment door and shout to the person inside? Along the same vein, why is it necessary to let your child scream outside my door? Do they not THINK this might annoy someone?

Really, why must Americans be so fucking LOUD anyway??? Sometimes I feel like my ears are being assaulted. Everywhere I go I get loud TVs, loud voices, loud music, idiots screaming in their cells, screaming brats (whose parents let them run free and express their annoying selves.)

I think we all need to shut the fuck up for a minute and listen. Maybe then people will finally figure out that they are so insignificant and meaningless that NO ONE wants to hear what they have to say in the first place!


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