Friday, August 18, 2006


As you may know, I have been conspicuously absent from breadstick posting these past few months. Life, summer, and travel have conspired to leave me a bit cold, thus releasing the world's many breadsticks to trot undocumented over lamp, table, and countertop.
It took a very special cat,Peanut, to bring me back to the fold. When I opened my inbox and saw this photo, I thought, "Here is a cat who wants to make his breadsticks known to the world." He is so diligent in his pursuit that he even displays them proudly in his sleep! Here, we can see a virtual compass of breadsticks: north, south, east, and west (plus a southwest tail.)
Fair play to you, Peanut, for keeping up the good fight. I hope this post will help get you the you attention you deserve!

P.S.-I will try to publish all photos sent to me, but will otherwise post randomly for the present time. My lowly two breadsticks are weary.